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We’re Here to Be Wrong Wrong Shiny Shiny ChooChoo

Artifacts from the Life of Helen Sargent Hitchcock

c o n v o l u t i o n
c o n v o l u t i o n
c o n v o l u t i o n
c o n v o l u t i o n

Three of my favorite desktop backgrounds, or three (rough) attempts to imagine a post-form future for communication design

Show and Tell:
To Gina From Susan

We Have Photoshop

Andrew Shurtz is a graphic designer, educator, and researcher whose work investigates typography, language, and the limits of visual form. He is co-founder and partner in the international design collective Verytime (formerly We Have Photoshop) and co-edits and designs Convolution, a journal dedicated to exploring the intersections of experimental typography, art, poetry, and criticism.

He is currently assistant professor of graphic design at Louisiana State University. From 2011–2021 he taught courses in typography, book design, experimental publishing, and contemporary graphic design theory at Parsons School of Design. He has taught courses in graphic design at Rutgers University and City College of New York and served as a visiting critic at Yale University, NYU ITP, and The University of Connecticut.

He is the recipient of the AIGA 50 Books 50 Covers award, multiple AUPresses awards for book design, and the Yale School of Art’s Phelps Berdan Award. He holds an MFA in graphic design from Yale University and a BFA in graphic design from Louisiana State University.